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I have wanted to start a morning routine for years, maybe even decades. 

I knew that people who follow morning routines are usually more successful in life than those who don’t.  I have tried to start a morning routine dozens of times.  And I could never quite make it stick.  I’d follow some stringent (or what felt like stringent) routine for a few days, sometimes even a few weeks.  But it always felt so hard, and eventually my willpower would give out, and I’d go back to no morning routine.  And even worse than that, I would make it mean that I was deficient in character.  That the people who do follow morning routines are just better than I am.  

But guess what?  I did finally start a morning routine that I could stick to.  Morning after morning. Day after day for the last 7 months.  It has changed over time, and I finally found the combination that’s just right for me.  Not only is it effortless, but I crave it.  I can’t wait to get out of bed and follow my little ritual: a glass of solé water, hot cup of coffee with Pyure and a splash of coconut almond milk, thought journaling, prayer, meditation, and finally yoga; all done  in the quiet time before my loud brood gets up.  3 years ago, I could have done this for a few days max, and then I would have given up, thinking it was too hard.  And bonus, I would also feel totally defeated and deficient.   

What has made the difference between then and now?  Am I suddenly a much better person?  Do I magically have it all together now?  Is my character suddenly spotless?  Uh, no, no, and for sure no.  What is the difference then?  

The difference is I changed the thoughts I have about myself.  

If you’re having trouble making THM stick, you can change the way you think about yourself.  Here are some thoughts that I chose on purpose that you can try on as well:

  • I am worthy of this care.
  • I am the sort of person who loves their morning routine (or in this case, following THM).
  • When I care for myself, I can more freely give of myself to others.
  • This feels good.

Now, over the past 7 months, have I followed my routine perfectly?  Nope.  I have missed a day here and there because of things that came up – sick kids, oversleeping, life.  What did I make that mean about me?  In the past, I would have made it mean that I just wasn’t good enough to follow a morning routine.  Now, I don’t make it mean anything about me at all.  I still identify as someone who follows a morning routine.  

You can do the same thing with Trim Healthy Mama.  What do you make it mean about you if you mess up a meal or a day?  You can decide now that you are not going to beat yourself up.  You can decide that you’re going to keep showing up consistently as the person who follows her THM routine.  You will find the meals that are just right for you.  THM will become effortless, and you will actually start to crave eating this way.  You will just be a Trim Healthy Mama.

What’s stopping you?