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Find Your Healthy Way With

Coach Kate

Are you tired of the struggle?

  • The one where you’re constantly at war with your own body
  • The one where you’re on the latest overly restrictive diet
  • The one where you follow a grueling exercise routine that you don’t even like …  until you burn out
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I hear you!

You take on this struggle over and over because you think that once you reach your goal everything will be better. You will finally feel worthy and at peace. You will finally be able to love yourself.

And so you start again, hoping it’s the last time!

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Are you ready to...

    • Lose the weight once and for all?
    • Break free from your inner mean girl?
    • Fall in love with your amazing body?

    I can show you how.

    I can show you how to lose weight sustainably by eating foods you enjoy and finding exercise you love.

    I can show you how to find the joy in movement and how to love yourself to goal weight.

    Are you ready?

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GGT podcast


Join Coach Becky and I at our next Girls Gone Trim Retreat.  I teach my best mindset tactics, and Becky shares all her THM tips.  We have lots of fun, and amazing food!


Listen to the Girls Gone Trim Podcast, where we talk all things health and wellness.  We are two friends – Certified Life Coach Kate Kirsh, and THM Certified Lifestyle Coach Becky Yoder. We love sharing our healthy lifestyle tips, our love of good food (and ice cream), and our love of laughter.

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